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Originally Posted by stormcaller111 View Post
Underwood ammo isn't too terribly priced if you don't reload...~50 something cents per round shipped...
Jeepers! That is still pretty steep. My reloads cost 16 cents per round. It would be much less than that if I cast bullets.

In my opinion, if you are a shooter then 10mm = you are a reloader. Otherwise, you'll get yourself a pretty nice safe queen.

The break-even on a loading setup can be about 1000 rounds for 10mm. Going with something like the RCBS Master Reloading kit (these go on sale often), calipers, and dies/shellholder and off you go. A progressive setup will cost more, but the single stager can get you off and running. Lots of guys like the "in-between" Lee Classic Turret too.
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