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Charlotte and Lee counties have the Sheriff's office of each county (Lee has about 1500 people, Charlotte about 350) , as well as several municipal police depts; Fort Myers PD, Cape Coral PD, Punta Gorda PD, and a few others; If you are living in Charlotte , then it's also a pretty short hop to the Sarasota area, with NorthPort PD and the Sarasota S.O......

Of the two areas, I would look at the Punta Gorda/Charlotte County are to live; it's a bit nicer in most places than Lee, and the nicer areas there cheaper than the nicer areas of Lee; it also puts you in a good spot to go either North or South looking for work.

In the Brevard area, you have Coco PD, Melbourne PD, Titusville PD, the Brevard SO, and some other municiplaites; All of the areas I mentioned have good and ba d spots to live, so check them all out;

Take any job you can get , but if you have a choice, the Sheriff's Offices tend to be better in terms of overall pay and benefits; addtionally, they tend to be larger agenices, so you have more career opportunites.....but take whatt you can get right now, times are tough.

Generally, the West Coast is a little cheaper to live on, but not that much cheaper.....

I would do a blanket search of the areas online, get all the department info, and then write letters or emails to them all, followed up with phone calls to the right person with specific questions....

Also, so you know, basic recruit acadmey here is 900ish hours, with a number of exams; when you sucessfully complete the academy traning, you may apply to take your state board exam; (400 or soo questions!) once you pass that , you are certified, and eliglble for service; most departments have a 12-14 week FTO program ( or a minimum number of DOR's) as well as a year's probationary period....

I hope this helps, and Good luck!
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