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Originally Posted by IGotIt View Post
You might look a bit further north on one coast, Hillsborough County Sheriff Dept, and further south on the other coast, Miami PD. Both are hiring but I don't know if they will help with the academy costs. St Petersburg used to but they shut the dept down and the Pinellas County sheriff dept took over.

Further north, Gainesville might still pay for the academy too. I had a website for Fl LEO jobs, if I can locate it I'll send it your way.
Good to know about Hillsborough; I just took a look at it and it looks as though they may have their own academy. I appreciate the info.

Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
Entry law enforcement jobs are still scarce enough here such that my guess is that you will need to look for a job and then find some place close by that is acceptable to live. More and more agencies are requiring people to be certified; too many have been burned by paying to send someone through the academy only to have them leave. Many agencies that still pay for an academy require the employee to sign a contract agreeing to stay for a time period.
Unfortunately I understand that, but at this point I'd be thrilled to sign a contract for a FL agency! In fact my current agency (small town) is having the same problem. They'll hire a reserve full-time, send them to the academy, and then a year later they're off to a bigger department. So they're doing contracts now as well.

Originally Posted by merlynusn View Post
When I first started looking at Tampa PD. They said they'd pay something like $400 gross a week if they decided to pay for your academy. I asked the recruiter and she said that most people had a second income or stayed with their parents and that it was a major issue with hiring some people who couldn't afford that low an income.

Needless to say, I went elsewhere.
I hate to admit it but that's not a lot less than I make right now. Although it doesn't make it easy! Was that recent?

Originally Posted by cwr View Post
The only other agency I would recommend in Volusia County is the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. They usually put a few individuals through each academy but many of their hires were ones who put themselves through it. The LEO academy at Daytona State College, who both these agencies use, is:

In-state tuition: $2925 (requires one year previous state residency)
Out of state tuition $9750
Uniforms, books, TABE test and BAT test about $790.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, I'll have to check into that as well. I appreciate the numbers on the academy, I hadn't contacted one yet. I might have to just find a job for a year first, 10000 is a bit much for me!

Originally Posted by ranger1968 View Post
As someone else said, check around the state and figure out where you would like to live; Florida is a HUGE state, covering 2 time zones and a number a vastly different areas in terms of the culture, living expenses, and to a limited extent, geography; do some homework, and figure out what area appeals to you;

Once you do that, start your job search.
That's my hope, we went down this past summer and checked out the two areas I listed in my post and we'll probably do the same the next time we get a vacation.

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