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I just came back from some shopping - stopped in at my local Dick's Sporting Goods store... Just a few boxes of Winchester 12/20 gauge and some assorted rifles cartridges. Almost nothing on the shelves!

I later made my way to one of (we have several) our local Wal-Marts and they have NO AMMO on the shelves. Of course I couldn't find anyone who worked back in that department to ask if they expected to get any more... but hey... look at what store I'm in...

Be warned this is a shameless plug for reloading here;

About 5 years or so ago I decided to start reloading 380's. After I have come up with many different target & SD loads I haven't had to buy any 380 factory ammo. I do shoot and practice with my Bersa at least twice a month exclusively - drills, different target arrangements & stuff like that just to stay sharp. Reloading gives me the ability to have ammo to practice with. IMHO more than ever before if you are not into reloading - you need to be!

I warned you this would be a shameless plug for reloading.

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