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Originally Posted by Kentguy View Post
cowboy1964..."Noticing that .380 ACP is fairly readily available and hasn't jumped in price like the other calibers have."
I have noticed the same up here in NE Ohio. As of last week you could still find .380 ammo & bullets on the shelf although even they were getting a bit scarce.

PaulMason..."I don't think people practice with their carry ammo... Also, I don't think people practice that much or generally shoot their 380 at the rang."

You bring up 2 very interesting questions especially for those of us who carry a 380. I have a Bersa Thunder 380 which I carry (more so) during the hot summer months and when I have to ware a suit & tie situation. It's lighter & thinner than my G26 so it is more "clothe appropriate" for the weather.

I have also found that people who carry smaller or "pocket pistols" don't seem to practice with them that much. My point is this... shouldn't the gun you are trusting your life with be the gun you are most familiar with as well?

Good questions Paul
I agree they should practice and I try to do it. I'll use about 30 rounds of the practice ammo when I go to the range. But I find, I definately shoot my 22 more then the G26 and 45. They are just more fun.

As to the pocket 9s - I think you will be seeing a lot of them in the used case section at your local gun store. The people I've seen and spoken to about them can not shoot them accurately even when taking the time to get a good grip and stance - so imagine how bad their aim will be under stress. Also, they are too snapy and hurt some shooters.

I went with the S&W Bodyguard because I can put it in a holster in my jeans and not notice it is there.
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