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While I prefer to carry on body for security, it isn't always possible. There is no good place to secure a gun in my church clothes, for instance (yes, church carry is legal here). I really would give her a gift cert for the purse, though, because she needs to try drawing from the purse she wants. It takes longer. As in twice as long. You have to be willing to deal with that. And some are designed poorly and it is just impossible to get the gun out under stress because the opening is too small, or the zipper breaks the first time you yank on it hard (both experiences I've had practicing). The other issue is the extra weight of the gun. That sounds like nothing, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me - literally screwing up my back, the weight of a lovely leather purse plus the gun, and all the other stuff I usually carried in my purse. I had to change the type of purse I would normally carry, in order to keep the weight to something reasonable.

I've finally gotten so annoyed that I bought a purse pattern that I am going to modify and make from my favorite batik fabrics, quilt, install velcro and my holster, shove my gun in it and go with that.
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