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Originally Posted by mtpisgah View Post
BMW in Spartanburg, SC has a no gun policy. If you don't like it, don't work for them. It would be no different than me saying to not bring a gun into my house when you come over for dinner. Not that I would do that though. Unless we were drinking, which is how it usually works out.

BMW also has a seatbelt policy while on the property, wear it or you can get fired.
Under Kentucky law, no employer can prevent employees from keeping their gun in their car during work. The University of Kentucky recently lost at the supreme court after they fired an employee for having a gun in his car. As I recall, they found that the law allowing employees to have guns in their cars even controls over the law allowing colleges and universities to ban guns on their property.
Open carry activists are to gun rights what the Westboro Baptist Church is to free speech.

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