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This has become a very contentious issue in TN. It's come up before the legislature six times now. Last year there where enough votes to easily pass it, but the large corporations, FedEx, Bridgestone and VW, made campaign contributions to the legislative leaders, who wouldn't let it come up for a vote. One lost her primary afterwards due to the pressure and funds put against her by the NRA and TFA to send a message.

The people in this state want this bill. Employers shouldn't have the right to force their employees to have to commute, some long distances, unarmed. Under the Castle Doctrine, the car is considered an extension of your home. Would those of you that support this also support them saying you can't have a weapon in your home, because you might bring it to work? Businesses are told all the time what they can and can't do by the government. And "property rights" don't trump your God given right to self defense.
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