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Florida cops - Questions about moving to FL and getting into LE

Hello all,
I'm really interested in making the move to Florida, but I could use some advice from the guys there.

First and foremost, every department that I check into appears to require academy certification prior to even applying. Are there any that pay for you to go to the academy?

I'm a reserve officer here in Indiana. So although I'm fully sworn and legally the same as a full-time officer, all of my training was done locally. As a result, I don't have the full academy certification that's transferable and I will have to attend an academy in Florida to become certified. This doesn't bother me, but it makes it difficult to move and stay/get into law enforcement. My full time job is security management, but none of that transfers without classes either it seems...

Also, I would love to hear any recommendations of places to go (or stay away from). Ideally I'd like to be near either coast, in a place with a population between 40,000 and 500,000. I wouldn't mind working in a high-crime area but my girlfriend will likely be going with me so I'd like for us to at least be able to live and for her to work in a fairly safe place if possible. Having said that I'll just be thrilled to find a place to work!

The two areas I'm looking at right now are the Charlotte/Lee County areas and the Melbourne/Brevard County area.

If anyone has any advice on where/how to make the move and get hired in Florida from out of state I would greatly appreciate it!

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