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Originally Posted by RGbiker View Post
I have close to 30 years experience in the Military and LEO fields, but someone has to clue me in how a GUN sniffing dog...........can sniff out a gun?

The gun dog is trained to focus on odor that relates exclusively to the oils, powder and residue commonly associated with a dischared firearm and not human odor.
Another benefit to a gun canine under the aforementioned circumstances is that the dog handler does not have to worry about human scent contamination of the area to be searched. Every handler, at some point in time, has come across a scene where their colleagues have inadvertently trampled through the area to be searched. With the use a gun dog, those issues are not a concern for the gun dog handler that is trying to locate a firearm, because the dog focuses only on the odor associated with guns and ammunition.
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