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Originally Posted by dbcooper View Post
But it's not in your house, or thiers, it's in the car parked outside.

The question is if you have one in the car how would they know, like the guy stated in the article:

"Because I will guarantee you there are gun carry permit holders that have a firearm in their car in their parking lot as we're sitting here speaking," he said. "And all we're doing is making those people legal."

We did it here in Florida a couple of years ago, so far it hasn't led to any problems.

This whole thing started when anti gun groups started to lobby corps. to enact these rules and came to a head when one company used dogs to search cars:

VALLIANT, Okla. -- In late summer of 2002, Steve Bastible put three bullets into a dying cow at his ranch, threw the emptied rifle behind the seat of his pickup and forgot about it.

A few weeks later, the rifle cost him his job of 23 years.

That Oct. 1, in a surprise search, Weyerhaeuser Co. sent gun-sniffing dogs into the parking lot of its paper mill here. Mr. Bastible and 11 other workers were fired after guns were found in their vehicles. The timber company said the weapons violated a new company policy that extended a longtime workplace gun ban to the parking area. The fired workers said they knew nothing of the new rule.

The whole gun flap actually started with an apparent drug overdose at the plant. Plant manager Randy Nebel hired a security company to bring in four dogs to search for drugs and guns in the parking lot. The dogs didn't find any drugs but zeroed in on several vehicles containing firearms.

The company then ordered the workers to open the suspect cars so that they could be hand-searched. A dozen workers, four Weyerhaeuser employees and eight who worked for subcontractors, were suspended for having rifles, shotguns or handguns. A couple of days later, they were fired as part of Weyerhaeuser and its subcontractors' zero-tolerance policy for major safety violations, the companies say.
I have close to 30 years experience in the Military and LEO fields, but someone has to clue me in how a GUN sniffing dog...........can sniff out a gun?
If Obama is the answer, then how stupid was the question?
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