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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
"... they'll [Democrats] freely admit that they want more regulation of business and trade, more regulation of ever personal freedom you can name (especially guns), more of your money to be taken away and redistributed by those who know best." "...they don't think of it as a conspiracy to disarm and control you, because most of them never bother to think or put the big picture together either. They just keep making little "inmprovements" until you have no freedom left."
Thanks, Bren. Your explanation has a reasonable ring to it, as least as part of the puzzle's answer, if I understand it: The Progressive solution to all social ills is implementation of more entitlement schemes, more regulation and bigger government, which are paid for by income redistribution. Over time, individualism and self sufficiency are weakened by dependency on government. Surrendering rights, including 2A, becomes a byproduct of Progressive gradualism. Interesting.

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