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Originally Posted by JGlockman View Post
I don't think it's a matter of difficulty loading a 10 round mag with 7. It's a matter of the bad guy will not be observing the new law. The law abiding citizens are now effectively at a severe disadvantage if ever engaged in a defensive shooting
Which is the whole idea behind gun control to start with, especially in the PRNY from the begining. Their draconian Stalinist Sullivan Act was to protect the criminals who were complaining to city government about armed citizens.

How such foolery gets voted in for so long is unimaginable to me but the vast majority of the people in the world cannot live w/o someone's boot heel firmly implanted on their necks and their faces in the muck.

Like others, I will not spend a dime or vacation in ANY state that is known as a people's republic. EVER.

My condolences to everyone stuck there for whatever reason. Many have stated how they love their state's scenery, mountains, snowmobiling, etc. I myself would not live there if I was given a place to live and I lived tax free.

I despise how a certain group, drunk with power, has destroyed so much freedom in our counry, yet still have the audacity to wave their flags and sing the national anthem. They are traitors, and those who vote for them are traitors.

May hell be paid.

Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!
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