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I still foresee a crap load of everything in mass production right now (ammo, mags, ARs and AR parts) hitting the market latter this year and a huge spike in supply while demand starts to slow down due to inaction on new proposed legislation and people calming down.

I think we will all be able to order mags, ammo or BCGs and even complete rifles at MSRP by mid to late summer.

Might even be some folks selling stuff they over extended themselves for at really good prices.

Now late 2014 / early 2015 might be a like this again if the midterms go badly.

This is a lot like 2008 (which was driven by mainly just gun people) but more intense (it is being driven by gun and non gun people) but like 2008 it will subside with 6 months I think.

I might pick up a PTR91 then

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