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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
If he were a man whose "word was his bond" he needs to be in jail awaiting a comprehensive Psych or other exams. In his tape he made pretty concrete threats he just did not name the folks he was going to shoot.

If he is just a big mouth blowhard maybe then they can give him some slack but closely watch him anyway because sometimes even these types will act.

This is just a matter of government protecting others from the unbalanced, young, strong, and reckless.
His threats were conditional, i.e. he prefixed them with "If." Most people are just responding to the media spin that "Crazed gun instructor says he's going to start murdering people." And shame on anyone who fell for the media spin.

He said that IF the degredation of the 2nd Amendment continues, that he would kill to defend his rights if anyone tried to take his guns. That was the gist of the video. The threat was conditional and not directed at any specific person or group. It was made 10 times worse because of how he looks and how frantic he was in the video. If it had been part of a casual conversation in a normal tone of voice, I doubt it would have gotten the attention it did.
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