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Originally Posted by Goldendog Redux View Post
Democrats want guns because they believe without access to guns, people cannot kill one another. There is no reason to over think it or make it more dramatic than it really is.
I believe the real answer lies here^^. Dems against guns (private citizens and pols) just don't know anything about guns or understand the feelings of people who want them, enjoy them and insist on owning them. They are afraid of guns, and mass shooting incidents exacerbate their fear. They believe if ARs are owned by more citizens and high cap mags are available, everyone is in greater danger. They can't imagine being armed for self defense because they fear the weapons used for SD.

The cities are strongholds for anti-gunners because the only exposure these citizens have to guns comes from TV, movies, crime statistics and overblown news coverage of gun crimes. They are inundated with media scare tactics any time crime can be linked to guns.

Guys like Schumer, Bloomburg, even Scarboro, have no first hand knowledge about firearms. Like so many people I've known who were never exposed to guns for sport and fun or in the military, they are truly afraid of them. They don't know a magazine from a clip or an automatic from a semi-auto. They don't understand calibers or ballistics. All they believe is that guns are dangerous killing machines, they are scared s---less of them, so firearms should be eliminated.

Politicians representing states like New York and Connecticut reflect the thinking of their anti-gun constituents. Indiana and Kentucky politicians represent the dominant attitude of their pro-gun constituents. Thats how politicians get elected. Big cities tend to be anti-gun while rural area citizens want their guns left alone. Harry Reid is a prime example of constituent influence; he is a flaming liberal, but he won't fight for gun control because he'd get skinned in the next election. Citizen attitudes and fears drive anti-gun politics, not political philosophy, in my opinion.

Thats how this debate shakes out for me after thinking about various explanations for politicial behavior on gun issues. The fear factor and a lack of positive experiences with firearms, along with media propaganda, fuels anti-gun attitudes in our society. This explanation at least seems plausible, but I have no expert evidence to support it. This is just my opinion.

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