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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
A receipt would handle that. I sold the weapon on date X…

No, you're not.

Your feelings have nothing to do with my rights.

1. It's none of the government's business where my firearms are. Ever.

2. A private sale registration scheme is worthless unless .gov knows where all the weapons are to start with. If not, that is unless to say there is immediate, universal house to house search and seizure, the pre-existing 300 MILLION weapons could continue to exchange hands without the government knowing about it. Any weapon encountered by LE would be indeterminate as to how many people have owned it and how many times its changed hands (or when) except for the original owner and current possessor if the ATF were in possession of a 4473 and the gun, the one of 300 MILLION, were manufactured before the start of said registration.

3. Ask the Canadians how theirs is working. It's not.

WTF does having a record of weapon (lets say, for example, a 4473 exists, as it does now. That's a form of a registration. How does that stop a crime?) Truth: Registration only aids later confiscation.

Libs will never get off our backs until all weapons are confiscated. They live to harass and attempt all forms of regulation, most of which is ineffective and meaningless. They're control freaks. Are you really so gullible, Mr Chamberlain, to believe they'd ever be satisfied?

In the parlance of the day, well regulated meant well-practiced. So as far as I'm concerned, it means target ranges are protected too. They did not at ALL mean government regulation.
WELL STATED...and no schoolgirl insult included in the commentary....TY.

perhaps, in stating my acceptance of increasing background registration, i should have emphasized the background check of the buyer...THIS is what makes it different from a mere receipt...
my overall view on this is that i would be willing to stiffen the background checking in order to maintain AR/megaclip firearms. I understand the fear of "mission creep" by the leftists, but i feel the pros outweigh the cons and we can put issue to bed.

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