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Same warning applies, this is my data in my setup. You can use it for reference, but if you look to load some for yourself, work up the loads in your gun.

Gen4 G35 w/KKM G24 (6") bbl. Once fired Federal brass and CCI SP primers. About 40 degrees outside.

135gr Nosler JHP, 12.6gr Longshot @ 1.125" : 1,849 fps avg / 1,026 ft-lbs (31 fps ES)

200gr Hornady XTP, 7.7gr 800x @ 1.130": 1,228 fps avg.

Shot the 200gr XTP into some water jugs, penetrated 5 jugs and bounced off the sixth. Mushroomed nicely and penetrated well, most don't make it past the 4th jug.
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