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Originally Posted by RJ's Guns View Post
You think too highly of yourself. Perhaps janice6 is like me. I could respond to your statements, in an articulate and cogent manner, refuting your drivel, but I have better things to do with my time and responding to you is just not worth it to me.
Participating here at GT usually means more than posting an opinion or information to realize personal satisfaction. Others read our exchanges and, hopefully, decide for themselves what is truth and what is trash.

My OP was intended to elicit answers about philosophical differences between Ds and Rs on gun issues. The responses varied a little, but most opined that Progressives want to disarm us in order to control us. This tactic, some said, is part of a grand plan to move the country to socialism, or even communism. The underlying motivations for transforming the USA are that Ds hate individualism and personal wealth, they want all citizens to be totally dependent on government, they want disarmament so no one can rebel. The end game, as I interpret their vision, would be a society like North Korea. Democratic government as we know it would disappear.

My reaction to the take-over scenario was to question the plausibility of it. I asked why Republicans don't expose the grand scheme to win elections; God knows we need something to restore Republican prominence. I probed for evidence that legitimate Conservative thinkers are speaking out about the core principles of Progressivism and the threat they pose to Democracy.

The overwhelming response to my queries has been criticism, name calling and whatever you call Fred Hansen's babbling. Thats why I made the remark that Janice6's non-answer is, in its emptiness, a clear answer.

You folks have convinced me that any honest inquiry about your views is unwelcome. Any queries that ask for support of your ideas beyond 'fringe' theory are met with name calling. Any attempt at sincere discourse is rebuffed. So be it.

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