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Originally Posted by Providence View Post
Joined in Dec. and has 3 posts. Guess what they are about? I wonder if he has ever heard of DU?

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"being much more interested in "combat/tactical" shooting to protect my family, versus standard target shooting, i find your explanation to be A+ for my needs!!! TY Chute!!!"

...above is one of the 3 posts you referred to...that sound like an anti-gun, anti-kill bad guy mentality?
so i'm a newbie on this freakin' what? and yep, i don't know what the acronym DU is nor the slang "troll" life is not focused on chatrooms.
i watched Chutes video regarding point shooting and went out plinking yesterday to work on those suggestions, blowing out 200 rounds...I practice what i preach. both in the use of my guns, and urging my congressmen to support the 2nd.
Looks like we gotta buncha john wayne wannabees who try to pick on the newbie for discussing rational ideas...ideas that are STILL pro-gun! I should be able to own an AR or a 30 round pistol clip.
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