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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
A local department not too far from me made it policy that volunteers couldn't run red in a pov without permission.

Their reasoning was too many idiot cowboys with more lights on their 91 Honda Civic than are on the squad kept causing too many traffic crashes, ect.

I suppose they can have just as big egos as long as they still have the giant VFD license plate and wear their VFD t-shirt everywhere. (Like people actually care.)

Maybe I'll pitch in a few bucks and get them a, "I am somebody" or a, "I'm special" shirt so they don't have to wear that same VFD t-shirt all the time.

What I'd really like to know is if these same guys get special oversize helmets for their oversize heads and oversize pants for their overinflated ego's?

So lets see......if you or a loved one are ever in a life or death situation or your dwelling is on fire...and lets say the first responders to arrive just happen to be the "lowly" volunteers,I assume youll pass and just wait it out until the "paid pros" arrive.....right ????
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