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Originally Posted by mattenglish View Post
... I'm a minimalist regarding gov't regulation, but i feel the private sale registration along w/ improving the fed database to include wackos will go along way in getting Libs off the backs of law abiding citizens. does state "a WELL REGULATED militia"
First off, the universal background checks solve nothing. They place burden on law abiding citizens, and are blatant invasion of privacy. They will allow the government to track gun ownership of law abiding citizens, while doing nothing to regulate illicit sales or crime.

Secondly, the entire principle of our country's foundation is the protection of individual rights. We live in a republic, not a democracy. Regardless if 99.9% of people want something, if it violates that remaining 0.1% of the population's rights then it is illegal. Even if the government passes a law, and they are actively violating the constitution, it is illegal. Rights have to be fought for from time to time. To willingly relinquish your freedom to appease a group of people is foolish.

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Period end of story. The founding fathers were clear about their meaning and intentions with the Bill of Rights. They wrote correspondence to one another, and they published letters in newspapers. You should spend a little time reading some of that material. Constitutional law is a very interesting subject, and you can really never know too much about it. In the end you'll only have the rights and freedom you are willing to fight for.
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