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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Here's a hint - the surest way to tell you are no longer a gun newb, is that when somebody calls a magazine a "clip" you won't even be tempted to correct them - the "ha ha you said 'clip'" thing is the surest mark of the newb who has learned a little and is eager to show it off.

But what we have here is different. A State Police Agency calls a magazine "clips" in an official press release regarding an emotionally charged case with nationwide attention. And they choose to include an unneccessary descriptor, "high capacity".

No one cares whether or not an investigator calls a magazine a clip or not. But everybody should care about the other point. A HIGH CAPACITY something was now officially used to kill those children in that shcool. This is going to be used against us in every argument from here on out. Those evil HIGH CAPACITY magazines. And there was apparently more than one. Apparently, as the plural clips was used without giving a number.

They chose to use the subjective term "high capacity" when a 30 round magazine is standard for AR rifles. It would have been simpler and more to the point to merely state "30 round clips". Wonder what their reasoning was there. Or were they just unfamiliar with that type of rifle.

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