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Originally Posted by RGbiker View Post
If I was forced at gun point to move to New York.....

I would then own a G36, Springfield Armory XDs .45acp, anyone of the Kahr family of handguns, a 1911 with 7 round magazine, SIG P245, P220 or a S&W .38spl revolver.

Anyone of the above would fall within the 7 round magazine limit.
That's a good list.

For those in NYS, like me, you can keep what you already have and downliad to 7+1. 11+ mags are supposed to go or be modified.

Is my Glock 26 at 7+1 still a good choice? A Glock 27 is a better choice, and the Glock 36 may be the best choice.

Kahr P9 and CW9 are fantastic choices. Along with the smaller PM9 and CM9. Also the .40 and .45 flavor of those guns. Similar choices are the Ruger LC9, S&W Shield, and Beretta Nano.

Sunubby revolvers look even better than they used to. The medium frame revolvers also make more sense now. When talking a limit of 7-round mags, the gap between revolver and semi-auto has narrowed quite a bit. But the semi-auto is still quicker to reload for most people.

The 1911, in .45, .40, and 9, has a bigger appeal now. Stupid that my wife's EMP9 has to be downloaded by 2 rounds.

That brings us to one of the worst parts of this new law. A new shooter can't even go out and buy a 9mm 1911 style Springfield EMP now, but its single stack mags hold 9 rounds! If you already own it, you can keep it and the mags. But if you need a new mag for it, you can't buy one.

The 7 round limit is really a draconian crusher. Guns you have can't get replacement parts and can't be sold instate. And the list of legal new guns to buy has been more than cut in half. Probably 75% of the guns have been made illegal to buy in NYS.

I joined the NRA, have you yet?
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