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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
Some people will "give in." Others will make a measured decision that becoming a criminal and risk going to jail or prison really isn't worth it when there are any of several perfectly acceptable handguns that will do a more than adequate job, including a 1911 which has been effective for a century, a J frame which was the standard for concealed or plainclothes carry for a couple decades, or some more modern additions, including a Shield.
And where does it end? How many compromises are people going to keep making in order to comply? Effective or not, J frame, 1911, etc, it's about being free to make your own decisions. Putting limits and restrictions on rights, doesn't make it much of a right at all.

First it was "why full-auto?", now "why semi-auto"
"Why do you NEED a gun?", "what are you afraid of?", "why are you so paranoid"
"Why do you need X rounds?", "why do you need more than 10 rounds", now "why do you need more than 7 rounds?"

What's next? Need has nothing to do with the choices of a free citizen and their rights. Complying with these regulations is asinine, when the next shooting happens, they'll only regulate further, is the answer to comply then as well?

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