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Since I doubt any of you addressed your issues with CSP...

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Subject: Attn: Lt. J. Paul Vance - Press Release dated January 18, 2013

First, all of you in LE involved in the Sandy Hook case have been in our prayers every single day. Thank you for enduring what you have. Yeah, you're just doing your job, but it's a job few people want to do, fewer are qualified to do, even fewer attempt to do, and even fewer do it well.

I moderate part of a forum called Sandy Hook is an active topic in several of our sub-forums, Political Issues, Gun Control, Cop Talk and our General forum.

I posted your release on Saturday to quell the rumor mills about the firearms believing it would calm things down.

Unbelievably, a huge uproar began. Why? Two items.

1. "...high capacity 30 round..."

2. "...clips"

Many believe the proper nomenclature for the 30-rnd capacity should be "standard", not "high". High would be a capacity above 30, such as the 60-rnd mags and 100-rnd drums.

Then there is "clips". The AR platform uses magazines. Rifles like a Garand use the clips. Yes, thanks to the media, and politicians, the public identifies either as "what holds bullets." Most of us familiar with different platforms are use to the misuse. One of our members said that the true tell of a firearms noobie is that they get their panties in a wad over the use of clips instead of mags.

If you have any interest in reading the thread, it is here:

Again, thank you for all you do.
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