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Originally Posted by MacNobody View Post
Anyone else Crossfit here?

Most effective way of getting into and staying in shape I have ever seen.

It literally is for anyone.
I could not afford to join a Crossfit gym because the monthly fee is pretty high. But you don't have to join a Crossfit gym to do Crossfit. A lot of people do it at home (like me) and have never stepped foot in a gym. There a a lot of YouTube videos of Crossfit WOD's so you can see what to do.

I have a few things at home where I can do quite a few of the WOD and get a good workout. I can't do them all but enough to kick my ***.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don't buy into the whole drinking or not drinking kool aid thing. The principle of encouragement, competition and motivation by like minded people is something that they get benefit from at their gym.

You don't have to do Crossfit to be healthy, get in shape or anything else but it gives a different philosophy and approach about total fitness. Don't like it? not for you? no big deal because lots of other things out there.

How i heard of it and my reasons for being sold on it are unique. But I AM convinced and sold on it. People of most skill and exercise levels can do it, just have to start out slow like anything else.

Personally I agree with you on your statement.
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