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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Also, when you post about how newbs are the only people who really care about the "clip vs magazine" debate, it upsets the newbs, who feel compelled to explain why they are right.

I find it odd that a press release from a police dept which is at the center of a massacre of K-1 grade aged children in a school setting, in what is one of the "wealthiest" states in the nation, in what is THE MOST VISIBLE shooting in the USA for the past 10 years, in what is probably the most pivotal and divisive shooting as it applies to gun rights (or as the left would like to happen - GUN ERADICATION/GUN CONTROL)

that such a report, known in advance will be microscopically dissected, analyzed, regurgitated and rehashed...

that such a report includes slanted language as it applies to gun terminology. I am not a cop, but I am in a field where I may be called upon to testify for my actions, or for those who report to me, and in my learnings to best prepare for this, we are taught to chose conciseness and accuracy in our prose.

Yes, the report is directly from the PD involved. It is a shame to see that no one in the chain of command that read that report chose to correct inaccuracies in the vernacular.

Do I smell a conspiracy? No. Do I see sloppiness? Yes.
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