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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Here's a hint - the surest way to tell you are no longer a gun newb, is that when somebody calls a magazine a "clip" you won't even be tempted to correct them - the "ha ha you said 'clip'" thing is the surest mark of the newb who has learned a little and is eager to show it off.'s someone that is interested in using correct terminology. Just because incorrect term useage becomes somewhat of a norm, does't make it the correct useage, doesn't stop it from being incorrect. And just because someone corrects others when they use incorrect terminology, doesn't make them a noob.

Anywhoo....that press release is pure politically correct garbage, tailored for the gun-grabbers. It's the continuing effort to demonize standard capacity magazines as something they're not.

That is reason enough to continue to correct people when they use incorrect terms like "high-capacity assault clip". It's stopping the deominatization of inanimate ojects for political gain through the deliberate use of incorrect terminology.

There are people that work on the hill that write speeches and press-releases, that are educated in psychology and sociology. Their entire goal is to use terms and words in manners that evoke strong emotional reactions. They do not care if those terms and words are used correctly, they only care about the emotional reaction they create. And this tactic works. It works damn well.

So, we now have incorrect terms like "high-capacity assault clips". And we sit here arguing whether or not we should bother correcting people when they use those terms.

Of course we should.

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