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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
So let me understand this??

"We" are up in arms because "clip" and "magazine" are being used interchangeably, but not upset that "assault rifle" is being used incorrectly.

And assault rifle is a select fire weapon which allows automatic firing and an intermediate cartridge. It occupies the position between a submachine gun and a light machine gun (i.e M249) and/or battle rifle (i.e. FN-FAL / G3).

We have alread lost the fight because clip and magazine are both "neutral" and we are letting them bog us down in this definition squabble and allowing them to re-define assault rifle.
Yes, but still the definition of an assault rifle, well, here from another thread...
Originally Posted by fgutie35 View Post
You are telling this to a bunch of guys here who still refer to an "assault weapon" to a fully automatic or select fire machine gun.?

The weapon does not become an " assault" item until it is fully intended for that purpose. To ASSAULT someone. Otherwise, is either a military weapon ( military fully automatic machine gun) or a semi-automatic rifle (civilian military "look-a-like). The AR-15 used at Colorado, became an assault weapon in the hands of that crazy guy. My Inanimate AR-15 at home is still a semi-automatic rifle.
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