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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
Fred, I'm beginning to think you may be making this stuff up. Your name calling and harsh comments may be camouflage for a lack of facts.

All I'm saying is that your explanation of the key motive for Operation Fast and Furious doesn't seem to be supported in the literature I've been reading. I'd like to have the benefit of your source of information (a published report, an interview with a credible Republican, Libertarian or Independent spokesman, a WSJ article or editorial, etc.). RTP

The only way to eliminate my "abundant ignorance" is to provide enlightenment. Help lift me up just this one time by sharing your sources.
Why not ask your secular humanist messiah, Captain Zero, to release all of the documents pertaining to Operación Rápido y Furioso?

If the operation resembled the yarn you spin, i.e. that it was meant as a method of "tracing" the guns to Meheecan drug cartels, then there couldn't possibly be a shred of damning evidence contained within those documents n'est–ce pas?

Surely the man who vowed to "fundamentally transform America" and his colleague Commander Brainwash should be able to explain in detail how arming some of the most psychotic killers on planet Earth was a most excellent idea, devoid of any insidious subterfuge, and that thousand of cartel thugs were subsequently traced to the thousands of deadly weapons that were gifted to the murdering psychotics in question.

Certainly the man who exhorted his useful idiots to vote for him in order to exact "revenge" on their behalf could be magnanimous enough to throw us 'bitter clingers' a friggin' bone, and let us know how tracing firearms purchased in America to dip**** cartel foot soldiers--who can be replaced for a nickle a dozen any day of the week--was able to reap tangible benefits meeting or exceeding the murder and chaos said deadly weapons facilitated in the hands of rabid animals.

Perhaps you could beseech him to do it for the children? That usually works with liberal scum, does it not?
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