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Originally Posted by lpo View Post
In my experience, men should never buy purses or shoes for a woman. We aren't keeping up with the fashion trends or what not so we don't know what we're looking for

My wife is doing the same thing yours is. She has determined that all concealed carry purses are either ugly as sin or uglier than sin. What she is going to do is buy a purse that she likes, that has a big enough pocket on the outside or stitched to the inside of the purse and then she is going to see a couple strips of industrial strength Velcro to the inside of the pocket. Then we just buy a nylon holster that has the Velcro backing (think Blackhawks attaché line of inserts) an she will have a carry purse that she will actually carry without thinking it looks like cat vomit draped around her neck (her words, not mine)

Your wife may not be into fashion as much as mine is but what ever you decide to buy, take a look at what she already has and see if it looks like it will match her style or utilitarian need.

Hope this was some help.

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I already have a general idea of the kind of purse she wants. It would be basically identical to her current one accept with
with a pistol pocket and a longer strap.

I know I'm stepping out on a limb buying the purse. It's partially because she'll never spend this kind of money on a purse herself and I think she deserves something nice in addition to being good for carry.

I like your idea of modifying a purse to carry. That widens the field considerably.
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