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Advice on carry for my wife

I would appreciate some advice from the ladies of GlockTalk regarding carry for my wife. She recently completed the training for her CCW permit and will be getting the paper work done shortly. She will be carrying a Kel-Tec P32.

The question has come up of how she wants to carry and she has said she doesn't want an on the body holster. She would prefer to carry it in her purse or in her pocket. Currently when she answers the door at home she just keeps the Kel-Tec in her pocket (it is in a small snag-less pocket holster)

I am considering getting her a purse designed for carry or possibly something else(?) Valentines Day and her Birthday are coming up shortly and she needs a new purse anyways.

I'm willing to spend upwards of $150 or so for a nice purse that has a sleeve pocket for hiding a pistol.

I know on the body carry is generally encouraged but I'm thinking the purse might be the best choice for her.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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