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Originally Posted by skorper View Post
I mentioned this in post #33. Where it is defined by law or specifically mentioned in the nomenclature having to do with the weapon.

Does anything in Connecticut State Law define a 30 round magazine, (which is standard for any AR type rifle) as a high capacity magazine? I haven't done a search, so I don't know. If this is the case and my comment is proven to be ignorant of the facts, then I will stand corrected.

The only reason I thought it was noteworthy is because the term "high capacity" is a hot button word for the anti's and it will certainly be used in any gun control arguments revolving around the Sandy Hook incident. To use it as a needless adjective would infer an ignorance of the weapon being described. Put this together with the other descriptors (clips) and you reach your own conclusions.
Not to get argumentative, but are the standard mags issued by the military of 20 or 30 rounds capacity? If they're 20, then a 30 round mag can be called high capacity.
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