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Originally Posted by The Maggy View Post
Unless your state legally defines high capacity as anything over ten rounds.

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I mentioned this in post #33. Where it is defined by law or specifically mentioned in the nomenclature having to do with the weapon.

Does anything in Connecticut State Law define a 30 round magazine, (which is standard for any AR type rifle) as a high capacity magazine? I haven't done a search, so I don't know. If this is the case and my comment is proven to be ignorant of the facts, then I will stand corrected.

The only reason I thought it was noteworthy is because the term "high capacity" is a hot button word for the anti's and it will certainly be used in any gun control arguments revolving around the Sandy Hook incident. To use it as a needless adjective would infer an ignorance of the weapon being described. Put this together with the other descriptors (clips) and you reach your own conclusions.

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