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Originally Posted by JDSTG58 View Post
So now with our 7 round limit in NY, what would you chose for carry? Stick with what you've carried before and an extra low cap mag? Go back to a revolver with speed loaders or moon clips? What would you chose?

I've carried a Glock 30 for years. Now I'm thinking I may go to a S&W 620 or 625.

And yes I know a bunch of you will suggest moving....... Not an option for many of us......
My 1998 Classic factory nickel plated Sig Sauer P220 45 ACP
came from the factory with 7 round mags.
I'll never live in Communist NY.
But if I did this is what I would carry;
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My Sig Sauer P239 357 Sig came with 7 round mags too...
Either one will kick ars and take names.
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