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Originally Posted by ICARRY2 View Post
Correct. You are not a lobby, but police agencies and police unions do lobby legislatures all the time for legislation you would like to see enacted for the benefit of police officers.

Too often when it comes to gun rights, your lobbying stops with leos and leaves out the rest of us.

Just like with the 2004 nationwide ccw for active/retired leos and NYS efforts to exempt themselves from the 7 round magazine limit.

I am sure others here can cite other examples as well.
The NRA is much more powerful than any police association. They have more money. More connection. More juice. Really.

And thank you for your past support of, and financial contributions to, LE associations. And all your future support as well. Really.
Although many good citizens own and carry guns, keeping communities safe still fall on those who carry badges.

In a gun fight, even if you do everything right, you can still get killed.

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