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Originally Posted by msu_grad_121 View Post
Furthermore, ICARRY2, who have you seen on TV speaking about these issues? Universally, it's someone with stars on their lapels. Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, administrators and obviously Sheriffs are political positions and thereby carry a certain weight with their opinions (no matter how hackneyed they are). Think about the last time you saw Patrol Officer Jones on the news espousing their opinions on national CCW. Why is that? Because the media and those in the higher levels of government don't care about the opinions of peons like us. They rely on our Chief to express our opinions on our behalf. If the opinions expressed don't reflect ours, we don't really have much in the way of recourse, do we?

I dare say the average police officer in this country couldn't care less about high capacity magazines, or if you're carrying a firearm legally. Those in the upper eschelons of police adminsitration care, and their views must align with those of their betters so they can keep their position and advance. Politics, see?

Add to that the very real possibility a department may have a general order or some such directive barring a plain old street cop from expressing personal opinions while representing the department, and you'll never hear what the officer pushing the squad car really thinks.
I understand your point about individual leos speaking out in an official capacity, but as Grimlet stated you belong to police organizations that represent your interest. Grimlet is asking you to contact those reps to amend leosa so the police are not affected by magazine limits. Which is exactly what I'm talking about. Passing exemptions for the police and not fighting for gun rights in general so there wouldn't be a need for an exemption in the first place.
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