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Originally Posted by ICARRY2 View Post

The only problem with repealing or stopping gun control is that it seems like when politicians do pass gun control that affects the police too, the police dont fight the legislation they only fight to get an exemption for themselves.

Once the police do get exempted, you never hear from the police again about how wrong or ineffective the new gun control law is other than places like GT. The police don't lobby our legislature to overturn anything or to support ccw nationwide.

I remember watching a chief on the news testifying before Congress about LEOSA back on 2004 when the law was being considered. The chief thought federal law should allow active/retired leos to ccw nationwide, but it should be up to the states when it comes to private citizens ccw.

I know you and other leos here on GT are very pro-2A, citizen ccw nationwide, but leos as a whole do not fight very often or very hard for citizens gun rights.

I really think if the police in this country became more vocal and publicly supported the 2A everytime some gun grabber introduced ridiculous legislation we would ALL be better off.

Look at the police in NY. They are not fighting the new magazine restriction, they are just trying to get an exemption for themselves.

I for one, am not permitted to even write a letter to the local paper, without clearing it through the Sheriff.

Even if it is deemed acceptable to have an opinion on a particular subject, if it is not the same as my Sheriff, who do you think will be on the poopoo list?

***Let the record reflect that my boss is pro gun***

Having said that, what are you talking about in fighting for "citizens rights?" Unless we were in uniform, how would you know whether a person writing letters, contacting their legislators, contributing to the NRA was an LEO or not?

It is very bad taste to conduct personal business in uniform.
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