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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
This whole 7-round thing is so bizarre, I don't even know how that number came about.

I mean, with the previous NYS 10-round mag restriction, there was the Clinton national AWB which had the 10-round restriction. When that expired, NYS said, "OK, we're keeping it." I can see that logic flow.

But this 7-round thing? This has as much logic flow as some GNGers' posts.
It is very clear to those of us who know and understand Cuomo, Bloomberg, and the rest of the anti-gun NY contingent.

  • For starters, let's ram thru a bill to law when people are not prepared for a discussion based on logic, but based on emotion. This is a sure sign of a manipulative prick.
  • Get in front of the parade, out do CA, MA, etc with mag limits
  • Pick a number for that is worse than where they are prepared to settle if this thing successfully litigates to their detriment, so at worst, the 10 round count is found to be reasonable
  • Pick a mag capacity that AUTOMATICALLY disqualifies most handguns that you already "hate" ("Glock"), and most of the rifles that you fear.
  • In five years use the same tired argument that more gun control is needed, reduce the number of rounds a mag can hold from 7 to 5. Surely, that would not be asking for much, and think of the lives that might will be saved!
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