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Originally Posted by GRIMLET View Post
Take it up with President Bush, he signed it.
Quit hatin'.

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I have to take exception to this. If you guys respond to an armed call, you have the luxury of backup with more guys showing up with firearms. In addition, most of you are equipped with body armor not available to civilians.
If a civilian has to get in a shootout with the same bad guys, he gets hindered and endangered with an arbitrary law restricting his magazine capacity.
I have to say that it is unfathomable why a rank and file law enforcement officer would begrudge a legally licensed, armed citizen from enjoying the exact same ability to defend himself that a law enforcement officer does.
It stinks of elitism. This is the kind of attitude that creates a chasm between citizens and law enforcement.
I would hope to see all LEOs close ranks with legal concealed license holders and insist that they be given the same consideration.
In the end, all these bans ever do is make politicians feel better. You and I both know they are dog and pony shows. The AWB will create a vacuum that will be filled by fully automatic arms off the international arms market. We can't keep drugs or illegal aliens out of our country, what makes anyone think the guns won't pour in as soon as these laws are passed? I can point out several instances of this around the world.
Never for a minute think that we the armed citizenry are against you. I have my heartburn with a lot of things in law enforcement, much of it directed at the admin and leadership. I know most street cops are great people doing a crappy job managing the human garbage we allow to roam our streets and terrorize our neighborhoods.
Now is the time when all the pro-gun factions need to close ranks and present a united front against these abuses of power by the elected.
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