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Originally Posted by Dakotaota View Post
Hey everyone,

Im new to the forum but I have been lurking here for quite a while getting ideas. Anyways I purchased a new G20 about 2 months ago. Love it! But I want to trick it out and modify it a little bit. I will be carrying it occassionally on hunts and wanted a lil more performance.

Anyways heres is what Im thinking:
Threaded kkm barrel with comp
Magwell (but I know the best)
New guiderod and spring (looking for suggestions)
Adjustable iron sights (also looking for suggestion)

I would also like to purchase a seperate longslide from lonewolf, but it seems they havent been getting much positive said about em lately. I was thinking a full longslide setup with comp and a reddot may be cool, but was thinking a kkm barrel with the lonewolf slide would be better.

Anyways let me here your suggestions, looking to get the parts for the factory slide soon. Talked to kkm and they do have an awesome discount for us active duty military folks.

Thanks again, love the info here!
Hey, man,

If you're looking for a great hunting rig, you may want to contact Robert Bailey at Lone Wolf Distributors. He and I collaborated on a Glock 20 long slide, and I've been very, very happy with it.

Their armorer, "Dan," is a great guy, and he engraved my LWD slide with the Glock markings and added the titanium striker and some other slide parts that make this gun shoot like a dream. I also added a "Ghost Rocket" trigger connector, which comes with a heavier trigger spring and lighter safety plunger spring.

The LWD build also included a heavier (22#) recoil assembly.

I have put several thousand rounds of 180 gr. /1300 fps handloads (Blue Dot 11grs), and have had no problems at all.

I also love the 8 MOA Burris Fastfire III red dot sight. This is the sweetest shooting Glock I've ever owned, and I can't imagine a better hunting pistol.

If you're interested in contacting Lone Wolf Distributors, Bob Bailey (sales mgr) can reference the work done on my order ("Ladd Gardner/Colorado) and you'll know you're going to get a rig that shoots great.

Dan at Lone Wolf did the engraving on the slide (Glock markings), and he did a great job. I had already ordered the KKM 6" barrel, and I didn't see the need of getting it threaded for a compensator or suppressor. The extra 5/8" of an inch would've been too much barrel for my tastes, and made an already VERY long hunter completely unwieldy.

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