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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
To me it would be the retired LEOs who would be in limbo. They would probably have to also go with the 7-round limit because (as I understand it), they were previously limited to the 10-round mags.

So now will Glock, Sig, Smith, etc... build special 7-round mags for just NY? I can't see that happening. Or is the reality going to be, you can use any mag you want, but can only load up to 7-rounds in it? (like the honor system?)

I am too old to remember, but did Glock make a pistol to meet the FEDERAL AWB back in 94?

Also, no facetiousness here - how many cops here are active in gun rights organizations, how many write their congress-critters? Donate to the SAF, NRA-ILA? I don't know, so I ask.

I'd like each and every one of you to do your 20/25 and enjoy life after that 20 for at least another 30.

I admit I am selfish. It is my hope that retired LE do not get a special carry privilege (they don't get one now). Maybe those extra 10,000 voices would carry weight in the halls of Albany. Well, NYSP already issues it's own permits to retired NYSP MOS - they handle permits for their own. Our governor is a toolbag, With regards to his road map to the White House, I hope he's dinged himself in the nuts, face, foot and chest (complete figure of speech here).
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