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G36 IWB suggestions

I received my CCW license and I have no idea which holster to buy. I tried my local stores, and all they have are Some Galcos and black hawk. I know I'm looking for a RH IWB. I don't wear any undershirts, so the gun and holster will be against bare skin.
- I believe I want the following in the holster:
-- shield, so the gun isn't rubbing against my skin
-- the whole barrel covered or same length as the barrel
-- I like the idea of being able to adjust the cant or deepness
-- not sure if I want leather/kydex or a combo of the 2
-- I was looking to spend around $50, but realized that might not be feasible. So if I'm spending $100, I don't want to do it again.

Looking for suggestions/why you like your holster/etc...
As of now, I'm leaning towards a comp tac Minotaur. I like the idea of the adjustability. Anyone have one and their experiences.

Also, what belts do you recommend and size. I'm about a 30" waist or a tad smaller.
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