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Originally Posted by Walter Bishop View Post
Active officers would be exempt from the 7 round limit when on duty and most likely if they are carrying their issued weapon when off duty. If they were carrying a personal weapon off duty they would probably have to obey the 7 round limit.
Where did you get this from? You really haven't a clue. If you are not post fact, don't post. It only adds to more miss information.

Fact: the legislature left out the LE exemption for the two new sections added to PL 265.00, which cover mags. As of today only out of state police officers and sworn peace officers are exempt from carrying hi cap mags. Ref: PL 265.20', sub 11.

I can guarantee they will add the fix very soon to 265.20, sub 1, ASAP, as they are getting beat up by both the press and police line organizations.

Also, there is no distinction between off or on duty, we carry what's authorized and are not limited to less than what the firearm takes.
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