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I've seen a few you tube vids with fateofdestiny shooting one at the shot show. As soon as I heard about this gun in the making, I wrote the President of Ruger with suggestions. I'm glad to see that it has the 4.5" barrel instead of a 4.25" like the 345's and the P-97's. I suggested that it have at least a 12 round mag like the Taurus's and it would be better yet if the capacity were 13 like Glock and the XD's and /or 14/15 like the FN's but no, they had to give it a 10 round capacity. That's sort of a let down and I'm reading another guys post above me and they want $40.00 a mag? That's going to be a sticking point with me. What are we buying here? HK mags? With a ten round capacity and $40.00 mags, this gun would have to be in the low $400's for me to seriously consider it and that's a shame.
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