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Originally Posted by Fred Hansen View Post
You're most likely a liberal troll, masquerading as the world's most hopelessly obtuse and/or naive "practical" Republican, so of course you don't follow logic.

Had the feds wanted to "trace" drug gang items, everything from high end vehicles to jewelry to money, and even drugs themselves could easily have been made traceable through microstamping and the use of taggants. Shy of a car crash or an overdose, no one would have died from that sort of "trace".

Operación Rápido y Furioso's purpose was to outrage the hope-a-doped hordes by making it seem like ordinary American gun owners were flooding Mexico with contraband "assault rifles" purchased legally in the U.S.A. The endgame of Operación Rápido y Furioso was for the hope-a-doped hordes to recoil in horror, and subsequently demand an end to the availability of "assault rifles" here in the United States. Given the amount of carnage perpetrated by the cartels, Congress would have no other choice than to end the evil gringos' (a.k.a. bitter clinger NRA types) efforts to flood such a peaceful land as Meheeco, with their instruments of death.

Eric Holder 1995 Interview - Gun Control - "We Must Brainwash People Against Guns" - YouTube

The operation never had anything to do with identifying cartel members or their activities. The feds only used them because of their willingness to break international laws. Even a retarded monkey would understand that one doesn't "trace" druglords by giving them deadly weapons.

The BATFEHIJKLMNOP and the various other alphabet soup agencies would have gotten away with the plot too, had it not been for the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. That horrible event caused a crisis of conscience for at least one of the participants in the operation, and he subsequently ratted out his fellow conspirators.

Now it is once again your turn to say 'aw shucks' kick the dirt a little, and act like you don't get it.

I could be mistaken about your status as a liberal troll... It could very well be that you are as slow of wit/naive as you claim to be. If so, allow me to apologize for characterizing you as something as vile as a liberal, and let me be the first to extend my sympathy for your condition.
Getting back to your explanation for Fast and Furious, it would be helpful to know what source(s) you rely on. I haven't done an extensive search, but Fox and a few other sources didn't explain the objective quite the way you do. Only Rush and Dale Gribble seem to share your point of view...and your attitude.

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