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Originally Posted by janice6 View Post
I also read your previous posts and do not find you the expert you think you are. You just push the party line.
Actually, I don't profess to know a lot about the philosophical divide between Dems and Repubs when it comes to guns. The motivation for my post was to get some answers.

I don't know which party line you believe I'm pushing. I have simply asked straightforward questions in search of answers that ring true.

The responses thus far, for the most part, suggest Progressives want to disarm us in order to control us, to move us away from democratic government. My reaction to that theory is that Republicans surely would expose the control strategy in order to win elections; revealing such a plan would move lots of voters from the left to the right. How is that conclusion off base?

My comments, questions and push backs are only intended to probe for realistic answers. The ideas I've heard so far have been thinly supported theories that paint Ds as demons and Rs as dummies.

I'm not interested in name calling and petty jousting, but I'll gladly accept corrections to my posts.
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