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Originally Posted by RetailNinja View Post

Does the doctor know that having large amounts of high end machined titanium nearby very most likely probably 98% could have did help you kick cancer's ass?

I know I'm late to the party but - Congratulations!!! : wavey:: wavey:

There's a book by a guy named Greg Anderson about things to do after beating cancer. #1.5 is bestow lefty Mnandi's upon the masses. : supergrin:: supergrin:

Thanks, I had a lot of help there. I was lucky I could get good cancer care, with or without the machined Ti.

Oh, and how many lefty Mnandis do you think I have?!?! haha

Originally Posted by Glock26girl View Post
Hey Wolfe, do you have a comfortable bed? We finally bought a new bed and it has made a difference in my pain level. It occurred to me that maybe a different bed would help you.: hugs:: hugs:: hugs:: hugs: Thinking of you, sweetie.
Yes, I do. I bought a good one in '06, and it's gotten very little use until recently.


Originally Posted by ArtCrafter View Post
Someone's been looking for you.

: hearts:

Originally Posted by ArtCrafter View Post
Heh. So much for 'tough love.'

Hey, I know!

A Good Vibrations Rose . . .

. . . Sending you positive, healing energy.
That's really nice, thank you!

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
Lone_Wolfe good to see you on here. At least we know you are still kicking. Nothing wrong with taking time for yourself and to do the best that you can.

Just remember that we all care about you very much. I'm sure that there isn't a day that goes by that most of us don't think about you.

I'm a little stuck with a situation. A little advice would be helpful when you're up to it.

So what's going on? How's the swelling? Been back to get the girls even...etc.? Incisions healing ok w/o complications?
Thanks, sawgrass. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really still here, or if I'm in another nightmare. I'm healing up mostly OK from the surgery, but slowly. I've had a couple of minor complications and infections. I can't get anything done to the girls for 2 more months, unfortunately. When I do get the 'tuning' done, I'm going to ask for a size reduction. Right now they pull on my chest muscles, and that already hurts enough. I don't need a set of jugs making that worse!

Send an email about what you need, my PM box is full again.

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
I'm sorry if I'm responsible for any of your stress and other issues that kept you away. I love you as a good friend, and never mean to be hurtful to you in any way.
You're not the cause of anything, unless you put that Hajji bastard up to shooting me. I don't think you gave me cancer, or made me psychotic.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Thanks for checking in. We worry about you when we don't hear from you. : honkie:

Are you sick like flu?
No, not the flu or anything like that. Just the constant pain, and I feel like I'm losing what tolerance I did have. I need to find something that'll help, but I don't want to go back on Fentanyl. At least not yet.

Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
Get some rest ........: hugs:
I'm sure trying. Right after you give me a hug!

Originally Posted by ArtCrafter View Post
1) You damn well better be. (LOL)

2) NEWS FLASH: You are NOT allowed to be 'mad at yourself' for feeling that way or any other.

You are a human being.

Got it???

3) Like there's any option...We're your friends, LW. Think about that, instead.

Please: I am almost sure it would do you 'good.'

That is "all." ("-marks intentional . . . just in case - LOL)
Allowed or not, it happens a lot. Right now I should be happy, feeling better, etc. It makes me so mad at myself that I can't come out of this depression, even though I know it's mostly pain induced. I know it would help if I could get out and move around, but that hurts too much.

I did get a bit of good news today, I talked to the DA in the county that assault incident happened in. He said I was definitely within the law, and I'm 100% not going to be prosecuted for anything. I already knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but I'm glad he agrees. I can tell what happened if anyone wants to know.
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