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Originally Posted by SK2344 View Post
So the way I see it is that every State can pass their own Gun Control Laws, banning AW's and Hi Cap Mags. So why would the Federal Government bother with re-introducing the 94 Gun Ban Laws, just let each State control Guns in their State! Am I understanding this or am I confused! HELP!
Even if a state passes an unconstitutional law it doesn't make it legal. Much in the way that congress can do the same. However, once(if) it is challenged in court it can be overturned (in this case for 2A violation). Just because the Feds aren't supposed to have micromanagement control over the states doesn't mean that a state can pass whatever BS it wants and trample all over your rights without facing opposition in court. There is precedence for this: D.C v. Heller -> McDonald v. Chicago. However, neither of these cases really clear up the overall gunban fiasco, and I am sure that we will see protracted battles over the next few years.
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